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How intimate are you? Do you enjoy trying out new positions and new locations – it’s the excitement isn’t it? Our Manchester escorts aren’t afraid to try out new things and we recently read in Cosmopolitan about the “20 Places to have Sex before you Die” – so of course we thought we’d share the first 10 with you in this blog.

  • Car Park. OK, so it’s a little old school but people still enjoy a good old rumble in the back of the car, parked up somewhere. Engine off, handbrake on.
  • In a park. People aren’t afraid to go public and you can’t get any more public than down your local park. Ooooo, on the swing…
  • On a boat. For those looking for something more fancy and elegant, you can have some passionate intimate fun on a boat. Ah, it would be like Jack and Rose reconciling their love once more.
  • On a rug in front of the fire. The perfect location during the winter months, though we’re sure things would already get heated up if one of our Manchester escorts were involved!
  • On top of a snowy mountain. On the other scale of things, outside on a snow-capped mountain huddled together. Just try not to get frostbites, or at least avoid getting them in certain areas!
  • In a rainforest. Surrounded by picturesque views, it sets up the perfect scene for intimacy and you could even go Tarzan crazy! Just watch out for the gorillas!
  • National Trust Listed Building. Why not?
  • In a police car. Grab the handcuffs, you are under arrest. Talk about mixing thrill and speed together. Everyone finds the opposite sex in uniform attractive…
  • Alton Towers, Oblivion. As far as intimate rollercoaster rides goes, this one wins. Bear in mind that this ride is 1 minute 15 seconds, so you better be “quick” otherwise it will be a little awkward!
  • The London Eye. You get the best views of the city and our Manchester escorts are glamourous who would love a trip to the capital. Just make sure you’re not afraid of heights if you decide to take up the intimate London Eye challenge!

So there you have it. Cosmopolitan’s top 10 best places to have sex. Can you add any more to the list? Keep an eye out for our next blog that will have part two of the top places to have sex. If this has given you a few ideas, then don’t hesitate in booking one of the gorgeous and talented Manchester escorts.

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